5 Easy Steps to Get Your Business Online

Getting your business online fast so you can go fishing

One of the questions I receive on an almost a daily basis is “How do I get my business online?”.  Creating a web page and building a web presence can be very overwhelming, but by following these steps you can be online building your business in just a day or two. You can get your business online quickly and easily.

Step 1: Register a Domain Name

The domain name is the online address for your business and is one of the most important decisions you have to make when getting you business online.  I always recommend registering your company name and then if you want to have a different address for people to type use register that too.  You can always have multiple domains point to the same Web site.  We use GoDaddy as our registrar but many people are starting to go with Hover because they don’t try to up sell you on every time you make a purchases..

Step 2: Find a Hosting Provider

Some people argue that the hosting provider is more important than the domain name since this is where your Web site files are going to sit.  The hosting provider stores your files and then provides them to people as they are navigating your site.  The hosting provider normally provides email accounts for the domain name as well.  Not all Hosts are the same.  Make sure that the hosting provider you are using offers all the services that you need especially when it comes to support.  You could spend lots of time and in return money by having a host that doesn’t offer the kind of support you need.  One of the reasons Kindred Web Consulting offers our own Hosting for customers is because then we are in full control of the the servers that host our customers sites. I have also found that Green Geeks and Blue Host are easy to work with and willing to help with any issues you might have during the setup period. Learn more about cloud interconnection and direct connection to Google and other clouds and how it can help your business.

Step 3: Design a Website

I am a huge advocate for WordPress.  There are videos all over YouTube on how to install WordPress on your host and about 10 minutes later you can have a very attractive and user friendly site.  There are tons of themes and how to’s for use on WordPress that help make your site attractive.   Another great feature of WordPress is that you can have a company like us develop and design a custom theme for your business.  Custom WordPress Development can be expensive but once you see the difference between a default theme and a custom theme you will see that it is well worth the money.

Step 4: Make Your Site Visible

There are many different ways to get you company out on the Internet.  The first and most important is to submit your site to google and all the other search engines.  This is a quick process and allows the search engines to find your site.  Another suggestion is to sign up for a email marketing service.  We use MailChimp.  It allows you to have visitors enter an email address so that they can receive your company newsletter or you can send out an email letting people know about a new product.

Step 5: Setup Social Media

Now that you have a Web site it is time to get your business on all the different social networks so that you can generate a buzz and interact with your customers.  Another big reason for being on all the social networks is for making sure that if anybody has an issue with your product or service you can see it and handle it appropriately.

If you have any questions about the steps feel free to leave a comment or contact us.  We have helped many businesses build their web presence and would be happy to assist in any way that we can.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in receiving information on using the Internet to help build your business.

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