Tulsa/OKC Poop 911 Testimonial

Kindred Web Consulting has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what an independent website can offer to even a relatively handcuffed franchisee like myself. I originally contacted Chris because I wanted a simple brochure site that would give me a place to send prospects and customers that I controlled and wasn’t beholden to our corporate webmaster. I also wanted the ability to track individual online campaigns so I could use the power of the internet and web-tracking to its full marketing potential rather than as a shotgun-approach like traditional media. Chris went above and beyond to provide so much more.

After an initial phone consultation wherein Chris got a feel for the service I provide and I got a feel for what he could offer, we got down and dirty brainstorming. A couple of hour-long phone calls got me WAY more excited about possibilities and soon Chris had a blueprint for a design that fulfilled my needs (and then some). He worked on the project live, which meant that I could follow his progress day-by-day, and he even rolled with a few curveballs I tossed his way (ideas I hadn’t planned for originally, but came to me as the website-scaffolding was going up!)

Chris’ professionalism, communication, and knowledge are off-the-chart. I came into the project with a hodgepodge baseline of understanding due to 5+ years of ad hoc education regarding internet marketing. Chris always communicated with me in a simple, yet non-condescending, way and was eager to answer my questions as they arose.

I couldn’t be more happy with the “final result” (Chris and I will continue improving content and growing the functionality of the site as time goes on) or with the experience as a whole. If you’re in the market for, or have ever even considered the benefits of, your own small-business website – you owe it to yourself, your customers, and your business to give Kindred Web Consulting a call and find out just what they can do to help you.

Testimonial By:
Jon Wood
Tulsa/OKC Poop 911

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