Finding A New Website Hosting Company


I am no longer happy with the hosting company that I have been using for the last several years. I have started the search for a new provider that will work with my current business. I realized how daunting this task could be for most people and wanted to try and help.

What is Website Hosting?

You can’t have a website without having a server somewhere that stores and provides the access to your websites files. A website hosting service does this for you. According to ServerMania Dedicated Hosting, a web hosting company handles all the technology behind making sure that when somebody types in your domain name they see your website. To learn more, get more information about knownhost’s wordpress plans at the link.

Choosing A Hosting Provider

My needs from a web host have changed since I first started building websites. Originally I went with the least expensive website host out there. Now, I am willing to spend a little extra money in order to know that if I need to call for support they are going to be there and ready to help solve my problem. Most of the hosting companies that I looked into on PBN Hosting Reviews, offer the same types of plans with very little differences. The biggest difference I was seeing is the amount of storage and bandwidth changes slightly between the different companies. Most of the people that I talk to do not need any more than the basic packages that most hosting companies offer. These normally include something like 100 Gigabytes of storage, 1 Terabyte of bandwidth, and 10 or more email addresses. This is plenty for an average blog or business site.

I have narrowed my decision down to these 4:

Green Geeks – Affiliate Link
Host Gator – Affiliate Link
Media Temple – Affiliate Link
Blue Host – Affiliate Link

Here is where I need your help. I have heard very good things about each of the hosts but I have very limited experience with them. If you have any feedback for me about them please contact us or leave a comment below.

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