WordPress 4.2 Update

A new major update to WordPress is targeted for April 22nd. There are a lot of little bug fixes and enhancements in WordPress 4.2 covering all areas of the CMS.

I have always felt that one of the biggest User Experience issues with the WordPress backend was with the plugin interface. It has come a long way in the last few updates with adding Icons and making it easier to search. I was really hoping for the plugin UX update but it has been punted to 4.3.

The main WordPress 4.2 updates deal directly with Accessibility, Customizer, Emoji’s and the Default Color Scheme.


Accessibility is important for any website. There are a lot of people that browse the web with screen readers and are visually impaired.

One of the new features of WordPress 4.2 is a new JavaScript method for announcing dynamic JavaScript updates to assistive technology. You can find more information about the Why, What and How here.


The Customizer will now support on the fly theme switching. This is great for checking compatibility of your site with new themes.

Emoji’s Everywhere

For those of you that are Emoji nuts… WordPress 4.2 will give you a ton of new Emoji’s you can use. If you are on a Mac press Command + Control + Space to pull up an Emoji selector. On windows you can copy/paste Emoji’s from GetEmoji.com . You can even use Emoji’s in category or tag names.

Default Admin Color Scheme

It is amazing to me how much goes into even the smallest aspects of design in projects and WordPress is no different. Most people will not even notice, but a few of the grey’s have been given a slight blue hue. You can view the details about why here.

You can get all the details of this release and any other development at make.wordpress.org. Remember, before updating to WordPress 4.2 you should backup and test your site to make sure that your theme and plugins are compatible.

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