Bahia Mar Charters – Website Services

Bahia Mar Charters is a deep sea fishing charter located in Galveston, Texas. The owner of the company was frustrated with their current Search Engine Rankings with the extremely competitive Off Shore Fishing market. We provided them with a list of website services that allowed them to build an online brand as well as increase their search rankings with Google.

We started off the project with creating a detailed analysis of the current site and search engine rankings. We then presented the owner with a plan of attack in order to increase their ranking and overall brand awareness.

Logo Development and Branding


One of the issues we identified for Bahia Mar Charters was that they lacked a recognizable brand. Their logo wasn’t setup in a way that allowed them to use it online with their different social media platforms. It was also very difficult to use for printing and on products like shirts and hats. We presented Bahia Mar with with multiple logo options and after a few design conversations, we had a logo that would help their brand be recognizable across all their different platforms.Bahia Mar Charters - Website Services

Web Design and Development

Bahia Mar Needed a new website to utilize some of the new technologies that search engines look for. We created a new responsive site that presents the company information in a way that is very easy for Search Engines to read.

Website Services

We continue to provide Bahia Mar Charters with our maintenance and search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our SEO service provides them with the reporting and analytics they need to know where they are ranking. Our website maintenance service gives them the comfort of knowing that they have an up to date site that will continue to bring them new customers each services for Bahia Mar Charters