Claudia Serna Testimonial

Goes above and beyond for his clients.

WAN security

For the many businesses switching to cloud based technologies, WAN security must be at the core of any brand extension or security upgrade. A normal P2P network has a layer of firewall in front of the client which controls access to all the other users. It is therefore only expected that the network core firewall, […]

USGS Stream Flow Data

We are avid fly fishermen. We wanted an easier way to find out what the rivers and streams were flowing at besides to going to the USGS website and looking each one up individually every day. We decided the easiest way would be to write our own plugin to get the data.

Fourth Street Reality

Rob Quint came to Kindred Web Consulting looking for a facelift to the Fourth Street Reality website. We have been happy to work with Rob answering questions and helping utilize the Internet making sure people see his properties when looking in the Crested Butte area.