Disclosure: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires bloggers, and any website for that matter, to disclose any type of advertising revenue received from their sites. Since kindredwebconsulting.com uses affiliate marketing and ads on the site, we want to talk a little bit about what that means.

An affiliate link is where a website or blog sign up for an account with an affiliate advertiser and any time a purchase is made from that link we receive a commission on the sale. Some popular affiliate companies are Lunar Pages, Amazon.com and GoDaddy.com. An affiliate link will not add to the cost of the item and in some cases can even lower the price for our readers.

Affiliate Disclosure

We use inline affiliate links on our blog pages. We will never use and affiliate link for a product or service that we do not use ourselves or that we don’t truly believe would help our readers. For example we have just started recommending Hover.com for registering your domain names since they do not try to up-sell you for everything under the sun during the checkout process. We believe that their service is wonderful tool and have no problem telling our readers and customers about it. We would recommend the service whether or not there was an affiliate program for the service.

We also use Google Adsense on the blog pages. These are ads generated by Google based off the content of the post. These ads are on a pay-per-click bases which means that for every click we earn a very small commission. Since we have no control over the sites that Goggle displays we cannot say whether or not they are sites that we would recommend.

We have not had anybody give us any products for free to review but if it were to ever happen we would be happy to give a very honest review. There would also be no doubt as to the fact that we received the item at a discounted price or free in order to review it.

The commissions that are earned on affiliate links and ads is very small but does help us provide the free content our readers enjoy. We appreciate the support you are providing us by using the affiliate links we provide.

Thank You!

Chris Kindred
President and CEO